Microsoft has no guts it show with windows 8

Before I begin my rant let me be the first one to congratulate Microsoft on the wonderful live tile interface and those wonderful gestures. Also ability to run two apps at the same time on screen etc.

But windows 8 also proves that they don't have guts to really innovate. They were so afraid of the backlash that they left old windows interface in there. If they would have made a clean break without old windows interface. This new live tile interface would not have felt like a slick skin on top of old windows ui.

The most puzzling thing was why the tablet form factor still has the old windows interface. The worst thing is the old windows interface was left to run windows office apps on tablets.

With so much time on their hand why couldn't they make a tablet version that would have worked in live tile interface. Look at how well apple has made office apps like pages and numbers work on iPad. They almost feel out-of-place on mac osx.

They could have taken the risk and gone with windows tile interface only. That would have forced all the developers to make apps for this interface.

That would have been a risk but people will eventually upgrade to windows 8 there is no other os shipping with so many manufactures, designs and price points.

By going windows 8 live tile only way, they could have taken first steps towards a new ui and a real innovation. But they showed us that they have no guts and gave us windows 8.