Oats Masala is the next 2 minutes noodles

Bachelors all over India rejoice now you have another cheap and fast food. Unlike the sweet oats which feels out-of-place when eaten any time other than morning.

This masala version feel right at home late at night or any other time. With in 3 minutes you will have piping hot and spicy masala oats.

All you need is some water and stove to cook for 3 minutes.

It tastes like a liquefied Upma (a south indian dish made of rava) and eating it hot give you a better feeling than the 2 minutes noodles, did i say its healthy.

At 10 Rs per packet its cheap and healthier than noodles.

Now you can have 2 items ready within minutes and at a very affordable price. All the bachelors give this a try, you will not be disappointed.