Solid Gray backpack is one innovative design for sale now

I saw this Solid Gray backpack on some design site and thought it was cool. But found out that it's for sale now. Looks amazing as ever.

Its made of polypropene which makes it lightweight, It's a very uniquely designed backpack costs about 9500 Rs.

But after watching the video I see it's a material that flexes like plastic which is a disappointment.

For me the final product is a disappointment because when I saw the design first time, I thought it would be made of metal like aluminium or steel etc. I thought the outer shell will be hard and protect what ever is inside the backpack.

Interior of the backpack is also quite plain just a big space with belts. They could have designed it and made the interior also more useful and beautiful like the outside.

Still if you want something unique, this backpack is not a bad one. Buy Solid Gray here