Yes to fireworks this Diwali

Who are those people who say no to Diwali fireworks. I love Diwali fireworks and I will show you how unreasonable their arguments are.

First argument is about Noise

I some what agree that big noisy fireworks must be reduced. They only make noise and at most startle people. When you burst noisy crackers most of the time you have your hands in your own ears so what the point. This also can be annoying when you don't see the person lighting the firework and just hear the sound. So don't completely avoid it try and minimize the noisy crackers. Go with more colorful ones.

Second argument is pollution

Seriously this happens only one day and brings so much joy to many middle class families. If they say you should take public transport to curb pollution, would you give up your cars?

All those people asking to light diya instead of crackers. I bet 5 diyas make as much pollution as 10 minutes of fireworks. Also diya are lit for few hours where as cracker bursting will only last few minutes.

Fireworks are made by kids or workers are not paid minimum wages. The use of child labor has almost stopped or is being regulated. Cheap labor argument works both ways.

When it's done for your iPhones and other mobiles it fine, but morality becomes an issues when it's fireworks...

Benefits of fireworks with dengu spreading like wild-fire. The smoke from Diwali can help kill all the Mosquitos. Which is a good thing, I bet there are many more harmful insects dying because of it which we don't know.

This might be a bit out there, but in areas where we hear news of wild animals coming to towns and killing people. This could scare the wild animals permanently and keep wild animals away from people. I know thats a bit out there...

I think

The biggest complaints are from people in apartments. Most of them can't take part in the event because there is no space for them to burst crackers. So they are jealous of those who can.

Second are the rich people who think this is silly. These are the same people who watch fireworks on tv in other countries and enjoy. Some even visit other countries to watch fireworks, while criticising our firework celebrations.

Finally to all the ones complaining this is one of the cheapest ways a middle class family can enjoy a family day together, give them that one day.

To all the people celebrating Diwali with fireworks do it safely and colourfully.