Fitbit review in India

Fitbit is a gadget that measures your steps and tracks your sleep. Motivates you to stay active, live better.

It costs 7,160 Rs, on ebay India.

Fitbit pedometer is durable and a real motivator to track your daily activity. The step counter is pretty accurate and durable.

The battery lasts more than a week if you take 3000-5000 steps a day. It charges within an hour or even quicker some times.

It can store data on it for a few days, so daily syncing it not necessary. You can also set email reminders to remind you to sync the fitbit.

You also don't have to connect it the sync cradle. Just being near it for a few minutes will sync if there is no activity.

There is a new version of this device called fitbit one. Which allows you to sync with iphone and ipod touches even.

If you are buying this in India there is no app support. But if you have a rooted android device you can get it via market enabler from app store.

The app is pretty bad on android, hope they improve it in future. But the website has amazing stats and charts.

If you forget to turn on the timer when you sleep you can go to the website and add the activity.

There is no on or off button on the device so you don't have to worry about turning it on or off.

If it tracks something like driving a car or travelling you can make it ignore that from the website by defining the activity as travelling or driving etc. But you have to remember the timings.

All in all a very good device that you can leave on your belt or pocket and ignore. A must buy for any fitness geek who want to get better stats about their daily activity.

More info about Fitbit can be found here