Google India zeitgeist 2012

google2012 As usually exams are top searches this year too. Sunny Leone is dominating both the searches and people search list, we all know why.

Akash tablet was the only gadget in all the searches. Shame that its such a disappointment in reality. Surprised that other phones or tablets haven't not made the list, really surprised iPad are not on the list.

Jabong and HDFC are only companies on the list. Jabong haven't shopped there myself. Looks like they do lots of promos and offers, that explains the searches.

People search is dominated by Bollywood actors. One spiritual leader and one politicians are also in the list.

Alia Bhatt and Diana Penty are also in the list as the new comers to Bollywood.

Vilasrao Deshmukh was featured heavily in the searches and news searches  Most people were shocked because of his sudden death it seems. He looked very healthy and young unlike other politicians who passed away this year.

Kerala and Taj mahal seem to be the popular destination and landmark to visit this year. All the four metros are featured in the top city searches.

Sensex is the number one search term in news. But surprisingly this year has seen the worst participation from retail investors since 2005. I guess people want to know how much they could have earned if they invested.

Anna Hazare was 4th in the news searches, but Arvind Kejriwal even with all those press conference was not in the top 10 news results. It doesn't look good for Aam Admi Party (AAP).

Local Places searches define India of today, there are 4 IT related places, 2 Temples and 3 public places. The only local places missing are a mall and movie theater.

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