Idea for a new e-ink phone


Now a days all the phones are looking the same bigger screens and higher processers and hd displays etc. All these thing are at the cost of battery life, these new devices can't be used more than few hours. So what is the point of having the best screen if you can't use it for long.


So to deal with the issue why not make a phone with e-ink screen. The phone could be a color and grey e-ink touch screen with backlight display. Which will allow the phone to have a battery life of more than a few days even with phone feature.

Many will more than happily trade high def display for a longer battery life. Kind of amazing that no company has tried the e-ink for a phone.

Too innovative

They could make a screen that would turn itself into e-ink screen when user needs it


Have a screen on both sides of the device one is color screen other is e-ink. When doing reading and all the other stuff user can use e-ink. For video and camera he could use the color screen.

Its kind of complicated but Apple has already shown a phone with glass on both sides could be done easily.

Would make for an amazing innovative device, which has not been seen before.

Update about my prediction i made on October 13th

My prediction has come true all ready but by an accesories maker not a handset maker. It has so many cool uses.

Update 2


Now a company in Russia called Yota Devices has come built a phone with this idea. They plan to release this very soon. Watch video in the blog post to see the device in action.