Playstation 3 unboxing and review in India

Playstation 3 is available at a reasonable price in India now. This is the unboxing of Playstation 3 with move bundle pack.

It even came with a free steering wheel as free for 18000 Rs which was nice.

The device looks sleek and simple these are some of the things that i like about it.

There is no huge power adapter like the Xbox 360. The controller is wireless and rechargeable.

But the big one for me was the wi-fi so easy to get online.

Bad things are the ui, download and installing of game demos. But you can buy full games online and download them unlike Xbox 360.

It's bad that No HDMI cable comes with the console so you have to get a HDMI cable separately. Just buy a regular HDMI cables i got mine on eBay for 500 Rs.

Get a big hard disk space because you can download all the game demos. Even full games with Playstation plus service.

You can download demos for free.

But if you pay 3000 Rs per subscription to Playstation Plus. You get full games for free every month, many good games like Saints Row 2, Infamous 2 and Batman: Arkham City etc given free last few months.

But remember you will need a speedy broadband connection to download these games which are about 5 GB - 15 Gb in space. This is why you need bigger hard disk on your ps3.

Gaming is amazing with HD graphics beats pc at price and performance easily. This is the best console to get at the moment.

Playstation 3 with 320 GB at 18000 Rs would be a good buy check on