Sachin this should be your retirement plan

If I was Sacin's adviser this is what I would recommend him to do.

Sachin Tendulkar's net worth is $115 Million USD (626 crores). It 2012 alone he earned $18.6 M (100.8 crores)

So put 100 - 200 crores away in an FD in different banks. He will get about 20 crores which means he can spend 379109 lakhs per day for life even after 30% tax rate. In India thats a lot of money for any family.

Now what to do with rest set a trust called Sports Academy of India S.A.I. Many fans will be more than happy to donate additional money, but we don't need it.

The plan is to set up a big sports arena in every state of India. Land will be more than happily given by local governments on which SAI will build stadiums for all sports. Anybody can come and try out at any games at the SAI arenas. Each sport will have a record set, if anyone can beat the record set there. They will be given a scholar ship at SAI arena.

Which will have a pay check, accommodation and ability to train every day with best coaches. This way they don't have to make huge sacrifices to play sports which will encourage more people to take up sports. Giving paycheck should stop his family from complaining and for the athlete to take this as a serious career.

Each year the scholarships will be reexamined and either extended or cut so that new people get a chance to try out.

Once a year all SAI arena's will compete to choose the best ten players from each sports. Who will be taken to participate in international sporting events.

Sponsors could come in early and support the players at early stage. Which will give them a chance to use the player at cheaper rate for advertising if he ever becomes famous. This will encourage more sponsor interest at early stage.

To make SAI self sustain events will be held between different local SAI arenas which could bring in audience ticket sales. Stadiums could be given for rent for local events. Also local sponsors could be allowed to advertise. Even after all this it can't self sustain SAI will fund it.

Indian youth have an opportunity to become world class athletes. Each arena could employ all the retired athletes and coaches, we don't have to hear the story of sports people dying in poverty. Each state will get state of the art playing facilities for international events to take place.

How will this benefit Sachin Tendulkar, his legacy will continue and keep growing with this new project. This also means he will be giving back in a big way to what helped him and made him so famous.