Cool stuff at CES 2013 updated daily

nvidiashield Nvidia Project SHIELD

You can play android games on this cool looking gaming system, this isn't a product yet. Look like something Microsoft should have made as a portable gaming device. Will be interesting to see if this ever comes to market. If it does at what price...


Samsung unveils 85-inch S9 UHD TV

This is the new 4K tv samsung hyped so much about. Not a big fan of the frame but tv looks really cool. But we don't even have all HD channels yet.


Huawei Ascend 6.1 inch phone

You thought Galaxy note was big, this phone is 6.1 inches. Will samsung go to 6.1 in the galaxy note next version. Will the 6.1 inch screens size also be a hit.  We will have to wait and see...



This fork will help you track your eating habits and style  it syncs them with your phone. It even vibrates when you eat too fast. More info at Hapilabs

May be in future it could detect what we are eating and give the calorie information.


Fitbit Flex

Now a wrist band activity tracker by Fitbit called Flex. It does everything a fitbit one does, and its also water resistent. Will be out in February.

Water resistance makes it one up Jawbone Up