F**k you Steven Sinofsky

stevensinofsky If you don't know who Steven Sinofsky is, he was the guy in charge of new windows mobile os until recently.

So why do i hate him for perching stuff like this, Learning by Shipping.

I really liked the direction he was taking with windows mobile. I liked it so much that i bought one of the few device that were released for windows 7 mobile. I bought a HTC HD7 which ran windows.

In the shop while buying a guy even asked me why i was buying windows. I said i like the way they are going with windows mobile and i will support them.

Just a few months after that windows 8 was announced and they said it will not be updated for older users. A smaller update was promised for those users, even after two years still waiting for the update 7.8 update for my HTC HD7.

We were the people who supported your first windows mobile metro interface and this is how you treat us.

Now you go and blog to people about shipping stuff and then learning. What about the customers who are paying so much to support the stuff you ship. Throw them under the bus and ship again i guess.

How bad was my experience with windows mobile, i am never going to buy it again.

Thank you Steven Sinofsky and fuck your idea of Learning by Shipping.