How much money do we need India?

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Thursday issued provisional attachment orders with respect to fixed deposits worth Rs. 822-crore held by the B. Ramalinga Raju-owned Satyam Computer in four banks — the Andhra Bank, the Bank of Baroda, the IDBI Bank and the ING Vysya Bank.

The amazing thing is thats just cash he had and not property.

Why does a person in India need that kind of money. Just 100 crores Fixed deposit will give you 10 crores every year. Which means you  can spend 1 crore every month with touching your fixed deposit. Is there anything in India that you can't get for 1 crore per month.

Why do you need more...

Even the costliest car, house, clubs are easily affordable at 1 crore per month.

I know many land deals are not done in document value. But why do you need 12 places. Just get 1-3 places that you can actually use. With 100 crore fixed you can get loans and don't have to worry about paying all the money up front.

This is what boggles my mind when i hear about all these 1000 crore scams why do you need that kind of money.

There isn't a thing that i know of that you can't get for 1 crore per month budget in India.

There was a survey too recently that said to be happy in India you only need 80 lakhs per year. So why so much greed India...