I want to own a nano

coolnano1 But very few good qualities to make it a strong case for it. But fix the issues I mentioned below and many including me will consider it.

Issues with the build quality, i heard some issues are showing up after few months of usage of nano's. And the news about nano's catching fire has not helped the matter either. So a little but of PR from long time user and their stories as advertisements might help the issue.


I love the design. Don't mess with the design of the vehicle its cute and modern at the same time. You still can't ignore a nano on road as it's quite unique.

Nano would make an amazing city rider because of its size. If anyone is in the market for a bike they should seriously consider a nano. But weight being so less the mileage should have been at least 30 kmpl. Which would have made nano a must for many city users.

The price point stigma needs to be changed and we need to make this cool again. Why not bring in some art guys and ask them to decorate the nano and make it a fashion statement and not a price statement.

Even with all these flaws I would love to buy one. But if they improve some of the issues it will be a must buy for me and many city travellers.