Shaving how to do it in Eco friendly manner

Which shaving method is best and Eco friendly. Regular shaving cream is cheaper and you have to rub it on your face to generate foam for a smooth shave. Some of them are packed in plastic tubes, which I am guessing are hard to recycle. But most come in tin foil like tubes similar to toothpaste. Which are good because metal can be easily recycled.

Shaving Gel is just concentrated form of soap. You still have to do all the hard work of rubbing to get foam. Because it's stored in a pressurised can, it has aerosol which is bad for ozone layer.  Its packaged in a tin which can be easily recycled. You have to work as hard as the shaving cream and still pay more for gel as it costs twice as much as shaving cream.

Shaving Foam make the rubbing part obsolete but you still have to use the rubbing motion to put the shaving cream all over your face so what's the point. Foam is costlier than gel and shaving cream. Same pressurised can so same ecological problems as gel.

So at least in this case it's cheaper to go eco-friendly and get a better shave. Gel and foam are over priced, but shaving cream in metal tube is the best eco-friendly way.

You can also use regular soap but we are not going that far for eco friendliness.

Who knew shaving had so many issues.

Now Razors

Old razor route where you replace blades. But that's too much hassle and throwing your razors away ever few weeks is not good for earth. This can be costly as you will have to replace blades quite often. You have to be very careful using it, so it's not good for daily users who are always in a rush.

By going 4 blade Gillette or some other brand razor you will not be throwing your razors away ever few weeks. they will last few months, for me it lasts at least a year. So you are throwing less stuff away. When you compare the blades cost its cheaper to go this route. Smooth and clean shave, you don't have to worry that much about cutting yourself.

Use and throw razors are strict no no. They are costly when you compare it over a year and not good for earth. In most cases don't give a good shave too.

Shaving machines are costly and you have to maintain them and also recharge them. They will have to be replaced every few years which is not Eco friendly as they are made of plastic and also come with chargers, stands etc. Shaving is not that clean and smooth, very pricy when you compare regular razors and not that eco-friendly.

I have tried all the above methods and have settled with shaving cream and a four blade razor. Which I think is more eco-friendly and cheap than any other method.

I am a clean shaver so have to shave every other day. So I think about these things.