Vishwaroopam dth delay is a good thing

vishwaroopam I am glad Vishwaroopam has been delayed, if not after few days it would have been declared a failure. Mainly because of its price and issues with theaters not screening it.

This would have made many film makers think twice about going the DTH route. That would push the DTH revolution few years back.

I don't expect same day release of movies on DTH, A week or two delayed release would be a better option to go with. Theater owners will also be happy because most movies don't play more than two weeks in multi screen theaters.

Release them in DTH after their theater run at a reasonable price. Remember that they are only getting one show and price it wisely.

Not every family has four members, even if they do not all films are watched by all members of the family. Kids don't watch art films, cartoons are not seen by elders.

So price it accordingly. Also remember that I had not cared about the movie enough to watch at theater. So sell it at a price point that I might give it a second chance.

When songs can be sold for 5 Rs each. Why can't movies be priced similarly.

I think making a movie below 50 Rs might make it impulsive buy. Anything more would be a hard sell at least to me.

Example: I saw Son of Sardar few days back on DTH, ignored it at theaters. Would have never payed to see it, only say it because its was free as part of 12 movies free for annual recharge package by Tatasky. So i paid nothing for the movie and saw it. By the was its a bad movie...

Thats a win for everybody, a movie i would have just ignored has gotten a audience because it was free or low price.

So movie, actors, producers, directors think about the pricing seriously and cash in with the viewers who otherwise would have ignored your movie completely.