Sony blew ps4 announcement by streaming it

liveps4 If Sony was smart this is what they would have done.

What is the point of showing next generations games on pixelated ustream.

Couldn't they have done live tv coverage in HD. Even if they had to pay channels to telecast the event.

That would have given the gamers a better sense of how high quality these games are.

As the user will be watching the footage on his big screen HDTV and he can be easily convinced of the benefits of next generation gaming.

They wouldn't have to worry about pixelated view which most people saw while streaming on Ustream.

If not live they could have prerecorded and shown it at the live telecast time.

They were the first to do it so they had a great chance to get a few gamers on their side.

Unlike other events gamers have to see on big screens how good these games are to put their money down in this tight next generation console War.

Sony just missed a good opportunity, what will Microsoft do.