Anil ambani's new house is a good thing for India

anilambanihouse We don't have rappers or celebrities who live extravagant lives.

So we have to settle for ambani's.

Anil ambani's house is warming on March 12th. Many celebraties from all film industries are invited for the event.

It's 120 metres long and has a race track and a stable for horses. Also a big garage for his Ferraris.

The total cost of the house is 4000 crores. But less than his brother Mukesh Ambani's house.

Unlike others I am happy for them, Indian youth need role models and their life style mighty inspire many youth to do much better in life.

I want a cribs like show in India so that we can see how these houses look and all the facilities inside.

If we can't afford that life style at least we can live vicariously through them.

At least invite some bloggers and let them cover it via blogs, invites please...