Designs of the Year 2013 my picks from it

Design Museum has announced their list of 99 nominations and India design firms have also won spot in it. Full list of Design Museum can be see here. The Telegraph has some picks from the Design Museum list. My favourites form it.


Colalife is a clever way to transport medicines into remote part of the world piggy backing on commercial products like coke cola. This is what design should always be, find a new and easy way to do things.


Mando Footloose a bike without a chain designed by Mark Sanders. Its electric bike that recharges when you peddle and that how you move.

Very clean and unique design, it can be folded up for easy storage. If all that wasn’t enough, it even works as an exercise bike inside the house and keeps charging while you exercise.


This table looks beautiful. Its made of acrylic so you can actually this as a table. Its designed by Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher. They work for Zaha-hadid architecture more pictures are available there

Artsy’s Zaha Hadid page

LiquiGlide is desgined by Kripa Varanasi an Indian, who runs MIT’s varanasi group Lab for Nanoengineered Surfaces, Interfaces, & Coatings. Amazing stuff more videos about LiquiGlide can be found here…



Dekho is a book on Design inspirations from India. Its Designed by and Indian firm called CoDesign. Its good to see such small design firms doing world accolade producing designs in India. More work by CoDesign can be found on their website, looks impressive work. This book can be purchased here…