Tell me you heard of Popatrao Pawar, amazing Indian

popatraopawar1 Popatrao Pawar the village head of Hiware Bazar in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Who has accomplished amazing feets for his village.

Before he took over the reins, the village suffered many problems: there was hardly any agriculture in the village from a lack of water, causing villagers to migrate elsewhere as daily wage labourers; the school was non-functional; domestic violence and village fights punctuated lives as alcoholism was rampant; and the surrounding eco-system was seriously degraded.


His village had all the problem any other village in India has and this is how he improved them.

Now there are decent-looking houses all over and villagers look content, glowing with happiness. The monthly per capital income has crossed Rs. 30,000, and in a village of 235 families and 1,250 individuals, there are 60 millionaires!

Thats an amazing accomplishment, he did all this while dealing with major issues like water, caste, religion etc.

Its a welcome change to know about people like Popatrao Pawar. Who are trying to improve India like this. We need people like him in national politics.

The most amazing thing is after all this

In addition, Pawar has stepped down from the village headman’s position (remaining as deputy sarpanch) to allow a woman to replace him.

This is unheard of when people so hungry for power a man is willing to give it up.

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