Apple here is a suggestion for iOS 7

ios7idea I like how iOS has apps on the home screen. But keeping them arranged is a pain.

So why not have a setting where you can arrange the icons by different rules.

1. Most used, where apps are arranged based in how many times they are opened. After a certain number of times app moves up in place.

2. Categories, arrange apps by category. When user selects this, apps are arranged category wise.

3. Last opened, where apps are arranged based on when they are opened.

4. Last day opened where apps opened previous day are given prominence.

This can be implemented system wide.


if you don’t want to change too much.

Use the space below the search screen to show these apps. That space is left blank before you search. Putting these list apps there will make it quick and easy for users, to get to the apps they use more frequently quicker, without searching.

These are some of my ideas to change the app home screen without changing too much.

New users can use it how it’s now. Advance uses could change the settings to their liking.