All about memory cards

I could easily recommend a good memory card, but don't know what your use for it is. So here are some good tips.

Here are some tips that can help.

Memory cards are classified in class ranges like class 4, class 8, class 10.

Class 10 is the latest and the fastest memory cards, so its costly when compared others.

All the big companies sell same cards, its just different warranty and price. The big companies in memory card are

SanDisk Transcend Samsung Strontium Kingston

Be careful when buying memory cards as there are fake memory cards, which are sold at low price. Which look identical but get damaged soon and give errors when using etc.

At the moment 16 GB (600-700 Rs) cards are priced quite low. 4 GB (200-300 Rs) are really cheap.

If you are using the memory card for a mp3 player or a digital camera or a basic phone a class 4 memory card would be fine.

If you want to shoot HD videos and are using with a high end camera or portable gaming system or smartphones, you need class 10 card memory card.