Counter app idea someone please make it

counterapp Just like the name says, it counts stuff.

Here is the idea

You take a picture of what you want to count. Then draw circle around what you want to count. Now app tells you how many similar shaped items are in the photo.

App uses image recognition technology and figures out how many similar shaped items are there in the photo.

I don't know how much more tech is needed for this app. You can all ready do facial recognition live, so i bet you can do pattern recognition in a static photo pretty well.

This app could come handy when you want to count people in a photo, books in a shelf and items on a table etc

If you have change in your pocket you can just spread it on a table and take a picture, the app does the rest.

So many more uses for this. You can point it at a building and count the number of bricks, floors, windows etc.

You are free to take the idea and make it, i would love an app like this.