Dhoni's Fitsoul sports stores

dhoni_fitsoul Indian cricket skipper is starting a new sport store and website for sports equipment called Fitsoul.com. A similar type of site was launched by Mahesh Bhupathi Indian tennis player who started Sports365.in

Unlike other sports start promoting stuff. These two players are actually putting the money into the venture.

Dhoni's sports store has very big plans for India.

Fitsoul will have about 2,000 stock-keeping-units in categories such as apparels and sport-related products including footwear. The company hopes to clock revenue of over Rs 300 crore.

Most of the brand stores will be in sizes ranging from 500 sq ft to 1,200 sq feet to keep the investments low. Singh said a 500 sq feet store would be set up with an investment of about Rs 20-22 lakh. Fitsoul also has a store in Brisbane in Australia.

Its really a good time for sports enthusiast in India. Now there are so many good places online that sell sports equipment like Fitsoul.com, Sports365.in and Playgroundonline.com

Who will win time will only tell, i have only ordered from playgroundonline and it was a nice experience.