Some amazing facts about Indian coffee shops

indiancoffee Cafe Coffee Day is the leader with more than 1,500 stores in India Barista has more than 100 stores Lavazza has more than 100 stores Costa Coffee has more than 100 stores

Starbucks has 18 stores in India (they only started in 2012). They plan to build 100 more by next year and are planning to invest 150 crores.

How big is Indian coffee market its 1,400 crores annually. All these coffee facts are from here

Will this make the coffee shops more competitive bring the prices down?

Will the local coffee shops close down?

Only time will tell, but when you are charging 50-100 Rs per cup of coffee, local coffee wala's don't need to worry.

I have only ever tried the Cafe Coffee Day, i am not a big fan of it. I still prefer the local coffee shop.

Why can't some Indian brand start a franchise of local coffee Indian style with no cream and foam bull shit. Just plain Indian coffee with some good Indian snacks at a reasonable price, throw in free wifi. The market is quite big enough for big profits...