Apple puts customers first Samsung ?

samsungusb3 Just look at this simple cable to see how both companies see their customers.

This is the new USB 3.0 cable for newly released Galaxy note 3. It looks awful, they could have put customers first and designed something thats easy to use. Instead they go for this ugly cable.


Where as Apple introduced their new cable last year saying they could not make their phones smaller with old cable.

Some of the features of Apples lightning cable

It is non-directional and can be inserted into the device with either side facing up It gives more power for charging than USB 3.0 It gives a nice click feedback when you insert the lightning cable, unlike previous 30 pin cable It only has a small port on the device which means smaller and nicer designed phones.

So with this simple cable you can see how both companies think of innovation and customers. There are many such examples, i am using this easy example to show the difference.