India is not chaotic - Devdutt

If you haven't heard of Devdutt Pattanaik, you should learn more about him. He is a mythologist, who is trying to look at India's problems and issues through mythology. And trying to figure out if there are any moral solutions to our problems.

via India is not chaotic : Devdutt Pattanaik at TEDxYouth@DAIS.

Every entrepreneur or politician or just regular folk like us should listen to him before we go and disrupt the Indian way of living. This video gives you a good example of what he is trying to do. There are plenty more on Youtube if you are interested.

PS: He is the creative head of the new Star Plus Mahabharat Tv series. Only 9 episodes in he has done so many insightful moral explanations all ready.

Watch the series to see Mahabharat through a new moral view. He has some amazing insights into Mahabharat. He always says this is what they are saying and now you decide. Just like how Krishna does the expositions every other episode ending them with "aap swayam vichar kijiya", loving those by the way...