The day i became old

distress_sneakers I saw this product on and thought they might have accidentally put the dirty photos of the product. So i contacted them with this email.

have you seen the photos of the product. click on the large photos.

Couldn't you even clean the shoe before taking the photo.

How do you expect people to buy such stuff.

I could have tweeted this photos, but i want you guys to improve thats why i am e-mailing you.

Then Zovi replied with this email very quickly, good customer service.

Thank you for contacting

We appreciate your feedback. The shoes that you have provided the link for is a Distress Finish Leather Sneakers, the stains on the sides are a part of the design. The shoe is purposefully displayed that way.

We appreciate your interest in our products.

Then i went and read the product description and realised that it was suppose to look like that. Thats when i officially became an old person. Now I am fascinated by this product, have you seen anyone wearing it around.