Xiaomi has launched apple tv before apple

Xiaomi the Chinese company with the CEO Lei Jun called Chinese Steve Jobs for his nice design sense. Just announced a 47 inch TV which will be available in October for 30000 Rs.

I bet Apple would be proud of this design and interface. Can apple hit that price with their TV's.

They also launched a new mobile phone called MI3 at 20000 Rs.

How popular is Xiaomi in China.

AnthonyXu comments

Firstly Xiaomi will publish a flyer that state the amount of the phones(or TVs, usually 50-200 thousand), price, and the selling date. Then you have to apply for it. After that, on that day, usually at noon, the company release the purchasing link and millions of people will click on that link to buy it. 200 thousand devices can easily be sold in 5minutes. So, good luck.

That's quite popular

Where is Indian Steve Jobs, Micromax has nice hardware but UI wise it needs a design guru.