MTS 3G plus why?

mts3gplus MTS claims to give you 9.8 Mbps and it launched few days back.

The existing data card service only gave your around 3 Mbps or so. So regarding speed this is a big boost.

But the packages they are selling it on make it worse than current 3G data cards.

Let me compare one package for you

Tata Photon Plus gives you 10 GB for 1200 Rs at 3 Mbps for 30 days. After 10 GB its 156 Kbps

MTS 3G Plus gives you 15 GB for 1200 Rs at 9.8 Mbps for 30 days. After 15 GB its 156 Kbps and after 22.5 GB its 64 Kbps

Yes i am not kidding its 64 Kbps

I am using Tata photon with above mentioned data plan. I used the 10 GB in just 10 days, now i am using internet at 156 Kbps. So far i am at 19 GB, and still 11 days to go. So by the end of the 11 days i will be around 30 GB mark. So you know i will suffer if i switch to MTS 3G plus.

Don't think i am just putting down MTS. I was a MTS blaze user who switched because it was not available in my current location. But with above plans i will not switch even if its available.

You get 5 GB more than the current data cards. but the kicker is after just using 22 GB you get speeds at 64 Kbps. I am not kidding 64 Kbps on a 9 Mbps service.

What is the point of launching 3G plus service if you don't allow the user to use it.

Its like building a 8 lane highway road and then telling everyone, that you can only use the 8 lane for 15 kms and after that you can only use 1 lane.

MTS had a big chance to get a lot of customers before the launch of 4G in January 2014. But with their stupid plans they just missed the boat.

But at least with my current tata photon unlimited plan. I can use it at 156 Kbps after 10 GB.

Have any of these companies tried using internet at 64 Kbps.

Before they decide on plans why not spend time with some regular users and then create plans accordingly.

You are launching faster services so that we can use video mainly. Its not for opening mail or documents faster.

30 minutes of HD video on youtube takes around 600 MB. So why not give them at least 1-3 GB per day if not at least give them 1 GB per day.

Hopefully at least reliance 4G will launch with aggressive pricing and a data plans.

India needs better connectivity, i am kind of amazed that no one has come and tried to disrupt this market, its so ready for the taking.