Which internet connection to get for many devices

netforall If you have a mobile, tablet and laptop and you need internet on all three of these.

There are many decisions you need to make first. Do you need portability. Do you need Higher capacity. Do you need higher speed. Do you need postpaid or prepaid. These are some of the option i found out there.

1.Wireless : 10 GB - 15 GB (if you want more capacity go wired)

You can get any of the new max data cards from Tataphoton, Airtel, Mts etc. All of them give you high speed of 6 Mbps. But all of them only give you 10 GB per month at around 1500 Rs. No way to get more bandwidth on these data cards.

Some data cards have wifi like the (tataphoton max wifi) so you can use them with any device.

Reliance Netconnet+ data card with postpaid plan will give you 55 GB per month for 2500 Rs. Here is how the plan looks.

750 Rs - 5 GB unlimited data plan 1500 Rs - 50 GB booster pack you can buy after finishing your 5 GB

If you want more bandwidth you can get 20 GB more for 750 Rs.

Its 3 Mbps data card not the new high speed ones. You get good speeds at night but during day time its pretty bad, sometimes you can only browse no youtube etc.

You need to get a 3G wifi router if you want to use this connection with your other devices. Make sure your data card works with 3G wifi router before buying it.

You can also do internet sharing with your computer but you need to keep your computer on all the time if you want to use other devices.

Airtel 4G is starting to roll out but its not everywhere. If you can get it they offer 45 GB for 3000 Rs. There is even a 80 GB plan for 4500 Rs. Both of these are 80 GB plans and its not available everywhere.

2.Wired : 100 GB

Bsnl and other offer higher bandwidth packages with good speeds.

You can get wifi router with most packages and you can use it with any of your devices.

If money is not an issues check out BSNL 24 Mbps plan, it gives 250 GB per month for 7000 Rs.

3. Get individual plans for each device.

Prices wise it might cost the same, this way you can decide how much speed you need for particular device and get that plan.

Sadly there is no one single solution. Hopefully Reliance 4G will come with good speeds and higher capacity plans.

My dream would be 2500 Rs for 100 GB at 10 Mbps plan, we can dream right.