Apple could make it even better

Just saw the Apple Better Video. I love that a company as big as Apple is putting so much effort into being eco friendly.

But i can't wonder how much more they could do if they just launched a solar product.

Imagine if they could release a solar rechargeable pack.

Here are some suggestions.

They could release something as small as iPhone, when you leave it in the sun for full day it could recharge the iPhone for few days. It could even give notifications when it needs to be charged or when its full.

You could also join few of these and charge your iPad, Laptops etc.

I bet there is a big market for a good solar powered battery product.

With the kind of R&D they have they could get better power conversion rates every year. And with in a few years time something the size of iPad could give you enough power to run your home on solar power.


They all ready sell a rechargeable battery product. But its just AA batteries.

Even just making the iPhone solar powered they could make a huge dent in power consumptions and global warming.

Apple entering the Solar market place could be the revolution the solar industry needs.

They have enough cash to even go and acquire companies that are doing some amazing work in this field and integrate it into their products.

So Apple can make it even better if they want to.