Phone with two batteries the mobile utopia

batteryidea Phone with two batteries the mobile utopia

Why hasn’t any company ran away with this idea. Here is how this will work.

Every phone comes with 2 batteries in the package.

The batteries are not small ones. The whole back plate is a battery. You can put a bigger battery in it, like 4000 mAh X 2 batteries thats 8000 mAh. Which should give 5 times the capacity of any current generation phone.

You don’t plug in the phone to recharge.

The battery plugs into the wall directly. Once its full, it will switch off automatically.

Now you just swap it with your phone and put your old one there to charge.

Changing the battery pack will be easy, no need to remove the cover etc. Just press a button on the device and the battery pack will slide down.

The phone will have a small battery which is non removable which has 5% charge.

So when you remove the battery your phone will stay on using that non removable battery and this will give you enough time to change your battery.

Just slide the charged battery and be on your way.

So no more half charges etc, when traveling just take both the batteries.

Until we can get a decent solar or other type of batteries this is a great alternative. Really surprised that no one hasn’t done this already.