How can we be buying fossil fuel motorbikes in 2014

bikesparked If someone said to me in 2000, that even after 14 years you will still be buying pretty same motorbikes as today. I would have thought you were joking.

Seriously how can we be still have no electric or solar option. Most of India has sun through out the year and still we can’t make a solar bike.

I bet almost all the city bikes need range of less than 50 Kms per day. Can’t we get that with solar even after all these years of innovation.

Each company is selling roughly 100000-200000 units per month. The leader Honda sold 4,38,521 units in just one month.

Why isn’t government making it illegal to sell bikes that use fossil fuel. They should set a date of like end 2015 no more regular bike can be sold.

Then see these companies innovate.

Unless something drastic is done pollution in cities is only going to get worse.

Give two to three years time for cars too. Only give license to auto and buses that are solar or electric. Subsidize if necessary, you can make that up in healthcare benefits you will save.

This is 2014, just remember that