John Wick a must watch movie



If you are a fan of action movies this will make you happy. If you are a fan of Keanu Reeves you will love it.

Its been a while since a nice action movie came along. The fight scenes are something special.

I especially love this movie because there are so many sceens where you are expecting them to do something. But the resist the temptation, and do something even better.

Like for example when you two people are fighting near a big glass, you are expecting them to break it like every other action movie. But they resist and do something even better.

There are so many such scenes where you are expecting the scene to go like all the other action movies, but it goes the other way.

During the gun fight scenes if the characters start using hands, they will forget that they still have the gun. But not in this movie.

Just the way Keanu Reeves hold the gun, feels so authentic. Why can't other actors do some research and training before doing movies.

There is even a good enough story to make it a good movie. If i had to find a fault its the villain actor Michael Nyqvist, i wish a better actor played that role. That would have made this a classic.

There is a chance for a sequel too, hope it comes sooner.