This is the future i dreamed about

spacexfalconheavy Just saw this new animation video of how the Falcon Heavy rocket of SpaceX will work. Its straight out of sci-fi movies. If this doesn’t inspire a generation of scientist, i don’t know what will, just breathtaking.



You only seen guided rockets used for destruction, these are being used to take the species to other planets.

Its not just animation videos, they have already tried to land a rocket vertically and it was pretty close. They should be able to perfect it within in few years.



All this is going to happen pretty soon.

When Falcon Heavy lifts off later this year, it will be the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. Thrust at liftoff is equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft operating simultaneously.

If you don’t know about SpaceX, its Elon Musk's company. Which has already launched many successful rockets and even done cargo missions to International Space Station.

When ever you lose hope on our species, just watch this and be inspired.