Notifications are the new Spam

notificationspam Now everyone is on mobiles, so companies are using notifications to spam people.

The old email spam still exists but the notifications are becoming the new spam.

Every app from games, shopping and social networks are pushing so many spam notifications. That many are actually turning off notifications all together.

But unlike the email spam with the notification spam user has so much more power.

If companies don't use notifications carefully they will pay a heavy price for it.

Lets take a small example.

I have installed about 5 shopping apps on my mobile. I downloaded them to see how easy it was to use them compared to their websites. Most are very good compared to the websites.

So good job there, but then they started bombarding me with notifications everyday.

But unlike email notifications which are harder to unsubscribe. Now all i need to do is stop notifications for the app.

But its so much easier to just delete the app especially on iOS.

So if companies don't use notifications carefully, they will pay a heavy price.

They are wasting an important tool like notifications, use it wisely before you lose your customers all together.