Apple computers will feel the effect of China's slowdown

Apple has few other options for serious growth than the burgeoning Chinese smartphone market. That's what happens when you're already a gigantic and wildly successful company. Apple has already enjoyed meteoric growth in China, generating $13.2 billion in sales in the most recent quarter. That's more than double revenue generated a year earlier.

That growth will inevitably slow, but broader economic struggles in China could mean that Apple's days of setting revenue records could be numbered. CEO Tim Cook recently touched on these issues, expressing long-term optimism but concern about the current situation.

Manufacturing and the highest demand for Apple is from China. So its going to have an effect on them. But the Yuan being lower also gives them advantage in manufacturing in China.

Many of those American eateries have found success in China. KFC alone had 4,828 locations in 2014 in the country, according to Yum.

Another interesting snippet from this article... 200 KFC per province.

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