iPhone 6S will have Force Touch

Force Touch’s underlying technology will be similar to the implementation in the new MacBooks and in the Apple Watch, but its functionality will focus more on short-cutting iOS features rather than on serving as an additional menu overlay for buttons. With that said, we are told that the pressure-sensitive screen may not be called Force Touch on the iPhone, a detail we’ll discuss more in the near future.

Source: 9to5Mac

I am really curious how will they implement this. Imagine a app with no buttons on screen. Just content taking over the whole screen.

Force touch will make the menus appear. It would be amazing for apps who can use the whole screen just to show content without worrying about interfaces etc.

Its like having full screen mode all the time. No wasted screen space on unwanted UI.


This will also be a big differentiator for iPhone because something like this will take few years for Android to implement and release. Even then it will have hard time convincing hardware makers who are on the race to make cheaper and cheaper phones.