iPhone 6S is too costly

I own a iPhone 6. But i would never buy iPhone 6S at ₹62000. The iPhone 6S is ₹10000 more than last years model, this is only in India by the way.

When they are reducing the price of apps from ₹60 to ₹10 and Apple music subscription from ₹600 to ₹120 in India. How can they charge 10% more for the newer iPhone.

Its too pricy for me to justify the purchase.

So here are what i use my phone for.

Phone calls - less than 1 or 2 a day Apps - Occasionally Camera - I use this the most, i use it to record all my youtube video and edit them.

I could get a basic android phone for around ₹6000 and do phone calls and all the app stuff on it.

For camera and editing i could go for an iPod touch at 19000 Rs for 32 GB version. The only down side is it has no auto focus in video. iPad Mini is a good bet too, but little awkward to shoot videos.

I could buy an android phone with good camera instead of iPod touch. But i don't know any app like iMovie for android that can edit HD videos. iMovie is also free on iOS.

This setup wouldn't cost more than ₹25000.

This is how i will upgrade my iPhone next year.