Copy contacts from a nokia to samsung phone

copy contacts

I had to help a friend in converting his 700 contacts from a nokia phone to his samsung phone.

It can be done easily if you have a computer and some patience.

First download PC suites for both the mobile phones which can be found on the manufactures website and install them.

First connect the new phone to which you want to transfer the contacts to. See what formats does it allow the contact to be imported into.

Then connect your old phone and using the pc suite of that phone provider export the contacts.

Which usual will be in .csv format. Make a copy of that file and back it up some where safe.


Then import them into the new phone PC suite. This is where you get in to trouble you will have to do the import few times until you get the contact exactly the way you want.Because both manufactures use different phone operating system and have different contact fields. It will take few trial and errors before you can get all the fields right. Once you get what you want sync it back to the new phone.If you have the latest phone with gprs you can also transfer contacts by syncing them to an online provider like, Yahoo or Oggsync etc.If you are doing a contact sync between two nokia phones you can also use a free service from nokia called Ovi.

Nokia and Samsung mobile PC suites


If you are using mobiles of these companies and are not using their PC suites. You are missing a lot.

Both these companies offer nice programs to sync your contacts, music, pictures and videos. They also allow you to convert the videos so they can be played on your mobile.

Nokia PC suite

I like the nokia PC suite because it detects the phone automatically and also display the picture of the phone. So you can be sure it has detected your particular phone. It pops the nokia PC suite in a small window with all the shortcuts.

Once you click a particular shortcut a window opens up with the app.

Like address book which will let you import contacts or back them up etc.

Similar all the multimedia have programs where you can import, edit and convert them.

So download the nokia pc suite if you have a nokia phone its around 25 Mb. You can find the nokia pc suite here.


Samsung kies software

It opens up a big window with all the apps loaded in smaller windows. It too detects your phone automatically but doesn't show the exact image of the phone which can be a bit confusing.

Its a lot more customizable than the nokia pc suite. It too offer all the feature like importing photos, contacts and videos etc.

You can also copy files, photos, music and videos to the phone from the pc suite.

So download the samsung pc suite if you have a samsung phone its around 120 Mb. You can find the samsung kies software here.

Amazon Kindle app for iphone Review


This is how the app icon looks and this is the loading screen of the app. This is how the app ui looks. They could have given a sample book or put a manual on how to use the app. So that user would get an idea of how the books look and how to read etc.

You can flip pages like you flip photos, a little bit of animation would have made it even cooler. This is not a e paper device, iphone has a beautiful screen some animation would have really helped.

Once you click get books it will show you how you can get books into the app. You can do it from a computer or a mac. But i wanted to see how easy it was to do it from the iphone browser.

Once you click safari the app exits and loads the amazon site in the browser. I was surprised to see the full amazon site loads rather than the iphone version of the site. Which would have been easier to use.


Once you sign in it takes four pages to get the book on to the kindle app. All the books have the first chapter as samples so i tried one of them. Its not the most easiest process ,they could have made it more easier and provided this in the app itself. That way they could have made it much simpler to get the books. They already have designed their site for iphone, their own amazon app uses it. That could have made this very simple, may be they will do it in future versions.

Once you click on the sample or the book it will show you a confirmation saying that your book will be available from your kindle or iphone now.


Then close the browser and launch the kindle app and you book should appear their in the list of books. Samples download very quickly, i have not tried full book, but i am guessing they too download pretty quickly.


The task bar below automatically hides and gives you full screen to read the book.

All in all i like this app very much they could make it more useful if they put in the ability to put your own documents into the app. That way people will use it for many more things which could help them sell more books. Its free so go ahead and give it a try.

One swarm is p2p for privacy nuts

If you are worried about your privacy while using p2p. Try One swarm its being developed by a Washington institute. And provide you with privacy while using the program.

Once you install the program and run it. The program actual uses the browser and gives you a page that is locally hosted and you will be able to use this page to download the torrents.

Download One swarm here

Blue Badge tool to unlock hidden features of windows 7

Once you installed windows 7 on your computer you will notice that there is nothing special in it. That's because all the cool features are hidden. So you will need to download this tool and run it. Then restart and you will see the hidden features like taskbar icons and quick preview etc are revealed.

It really is a cool program that fakes windows 7 to thing that its being run by an authorized Microsoft employee and that is how these features which will be released with windows 7 are revealed.

Go here to download the program