Delhi marathon ad make you want to run

Have you seen the Delhi marathon ad that are being shown on TV. They really are beautifully and make you want to run. Why can’t other products make such beautiful ad’s. Even the voice over is brilliant. Hope others make such beautiful and thoughtful ad’s.

Even the previous years ad was good.

Hopefully I will be running and get healthy by the time Delhi marathon begins. Get more details about the marathon here which is on November 9th

10 Reason why you should get an iphone in India

iphone 1. It is the best damn cool phone out there that you can buy for that price. You can buy something with more specs but it will not get you this kind of fun, wonder and looks from others.

2. The interface is the coolest I have used on any mobile device. After watching the demo i thought i will get tired of it after a while. But believe me it has such super response that you will never get tired of it. The best touch screen interface ever.

3. The camera even though its just 2 mega pixel I think it takes the best photos on any mobile device. The color and the quality of the photos are really nice. Who need a crappy 5 mega pixel camera when you can have a such a nice 2 mega pixel camera.

4. You can check all your email even with images and html. You get free imap access to all your yahoo mail. So far I have set 6 different email 3 yahoo, 2 gmail and 1 pop and its so easy to use mail.

5. Browsing, I never knew my mobile connection was this fast and I could browse website so easily. The best browsing on any mobile device period. When normal sites load faster than the mobile formatted sites its saying something.

6. Storage Space thats right it has 8gb, that plenty of space from my last phone which was 1gb. I can take all my music, videos etc with me now.

7. E-book reader, you need to jailbreak it to install third party apps and you can add PDF reader and ebook reader and use it for that.

8. The battery life of iphone, apple's claim is 24 hours audio and 2 hours of video. My player seems to be so good that I rarely think of recharging.

9. The synching with itunes is so easy that you wonder how you ever synced other devices.

10. All in all such a neat package in such cool and small form that you have to get one. I don't care if you have to do some part time work go get one.

Watch out for my detailed review in a few days time.