1. Do bungee jumping - It has to be more than 10 feet 
  2. Do sky diving or Base jumping doesn’t count it has to be from a plane.
  3. Visit CES -  Consumer trade show
  4. Visit E3  - The gaming expo
  5. Visit a Disney theme park - Preferably the one in USA
  6. Visit Las vegas
  7. Visit Taj Mahal - DONE
  8. Look at himalayas - in person, climb if possible
  9. Ride a harley bike - Rented one would be fine
  10. Get into a ferrari  - Don’t have to drive just a ride would be fine
  11. Ride a golf cart - It doesn’t need to be on a golf course
  12. Play a round of golf on a golf course - Just one round would be fine - DONE
  13. Go to spanish league football match - Preferably a Real Madrid v/s Barcelona match
  14. Go to english league football match - Preferably a top 4 team
  15. Watch a test match cricket overseas in stadium - Preferably Australia v/s India
  16. Use all gaming device from 1 generation - Portables would be a plus - DONE
  17. Donate a house - Has to be half decent one, preferably in metros
  18. Donate a car - Has to be a working condition one preferably a new one
  19. Visit one olympics as a spectator - Watch at least one event in the stadium
  20. Visit one football world cup - Preferably knock out stage of the tournament
  21. Visit one cricket world cup - Preferably knockout stage of the tournament - DONE
  22. Get a toned body with muscle - Preferably a six pack
  23. Do a long motorbike journey - Has to be a minimum of 500 kms in a single day - DONE
  24. Do a long car journey - Has to be a minimum of 500 kms - DONE
  25. Do an all-nighter playing games - DONE
  26. Do an all-nighter watching movies - DONE
  27. Play in one local sports event - DONE
  28. Watch one rocket launch - Has to go above stratosphere
  29. Own a home of your own - Not inherited
  30. Buy and finish a Lego set with 2000 or more pieces
  31. Finish one full game in single player mode - minimum 10 hours play time - DONE
  32. Be part of television show as audience - as a character would be a plus
  33. Watch a Stand Up Show - DONE
  34. Visit Singapore - DONE
  35. Visit Tokyo
  36. Visit HongKong
  37. Visit Bali
  38. Visit Maldives
  39. Visit Paris
  40. Visit London